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Post by Essie on Sat Sep 14, 2013 11:24 pm

First and foremost, this is a semi-open forum where members of the public can join of their own accord. For this reason we ask that everyone is considerate, tolerant and non-offensive in their posts and replies.

We welcome personal opinions but will not tolerate personal attacks on any of the members.

This is a forum for moms, moms to be and dads to post questions about their kids, work, lives, etc. This is not the place for sexually explicit content or pictures. Any posts of this nature must be reported and will be deleted without notice.

As we are a "chatting" forum, any members who have not posted within 7 days of joining will be warned once and then deleted. We feel it is unfair for you to learn about our lives and not vice versa. Any current members who do not post for 3 months will also be warned once and then deleted (for the same reason) unless you let us know that you are away / out of action etc.

Only posts on the "Introduction" forum is visible to guests. The "Parenting" forum is only accessible to registered users. We chat about our children and private lives, and do not want any passing internet user to see our posts.

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